Portfolio Companies

Hangar funds and builds companies from the ground up. Because our resources and networks are even more efficient at scale, we’re able to back all our teams simultaneously.

Our 2018 portfolio companies are currently overhauling the way we interact with healthcare, natural disaster response, and location intelligence for infrastructure utilization.



Camber discerns how infrastructure is used to optimize operation and achieve its highest potential. Using petabytes of aggregated place data, it is able to provide actionable insights allowing customers to monitor and proactively account for projected utilization of their facilities, roads, bridges, water pipes, and power supplies, among others. Its customers are utilities, agencies, municipalities, and other public service providers.


Cornea provides on-site support to incident management teams at both national and international disasters. Its field teams use proprietary technology to access, analyze, and visualize critical data in real time. Cornea empowers decision makers with the information they need when they need it, saving lives and reducing costs.


Outcome is an education company devoted to offering a new financing model for higher education that can increase transparency and de-risk the decision to pursue higher learning. This new model provides funding for education that recipients are only obligated to repay as a defined percentage of post-graduation income. By making payment obligation a function of post-graduation income, these outcome-based financing agreements – also known as Income Share Agreements (ISAs) – are able to redistribute the risk of educational investment away from students.


Roster is a technology-enabled service that empowers local community members to improve health outcomes. Its service manages and deploys community health workers to monitor and maintain relationships with Medicaid patients who have chronic but medically manageable conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and HIV. Roster focuses on driving preventative measures, medication adherence, and awareness of available healthcare resources.



Stay tuned as we launch our next cohort of companies. If you are a savvy, mission-driven operator or technologist looking to launch the world’s next radical change, get in touch.