Innovation in service of humanity.

We build companies that have the potential for public impact at scale.

We work with stakeholders throughout the public sector market to identify areas where technology can help deliver improved services and outcomes for citizens. We then fund and build technology companies that provide innovative and scalable solutions for some of today’s most vexing challenges.


 What keeps us up at night.


Wildfires scorched over 8.7 million acres in the U.S. and were some of the world’s costliest natural disasters in 2018. 

What if we gave first responders the information needed, in real time, to employ their resources more effectively and manage fires more efficiently than ever before? 

Cornea supports those who are entrusted to come to our rescue.

The devices all around us, including those in our hands, generate billions of data points every day.

What if we give cities insights from that data to help them improve mobility, reduce inequality, and lower carbon emissions? 

Camber organizes a global data feed to discern how individuals interact with their environments—yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Almost 80 percent of our health outcomes are driven by factors outside the clinical space.

What if we could extend a person’s health and wellness beyond the four walls of traditional medical facilities? 

Roster deploys community members alongside technology to help the most underserved patients stay healthy and happy.

The U.S. government contracting market alone is worth $2 trillion on an annual basis and has a direct impact that is worth trillions more. 

What if we could pair the latest in technology with the knowledge and resources to navigate government systems?

Hangar’s opportunity rests on this premise. 



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